La Lista de "Música Tranquila"

1. Peter Hammill. Chameleon on the shadow of the night.

2. Allman Brothers. Wipe the windows.
3. Klaus Schulze. X
4. Spring. Spring
5. Asfalto. I
6. Blue Nile. A Walk Across...
7. Jethro Tull. This Was.
8. Billy Cobham. Crosswinds
9. John Martyn. One World
10. Tommy Bolin. Private Eyes

Guitar of Deep Purple  mark IV

11. Winter Hours. W.H.
12. Emilio Cao. Fonte do Araño
13. Ben Watt. North Marine Drive

14. Caravan. If I Could do It All over Again, I´d Do It All Over You (1970)
15. Led Zeppelin. III (1970)

16. Kevin Ayers. Rainbow Takeaway
17. Aerosmith. Night in the Ruts
18. Jon Anderson. Olias of Sunhillow.
19. Bon Iver. For Emma.
20.Zzebra. Panic.
21. Winter Hours. Winter Hours.

22. Pat Metheny. American Garage
23. Rain Tree Crew. R.T.C.
24. David Sylvian. Brilliant Trees.
25. Heron. Twice as nice...

26. Pink Floyd. Animals.
27. Jade Warrior. Jade Warrior

28. Brian Eno. On Land.
29. Neil Young. Harvest.
30. Eric Clapton. Slowhand...(continuará)

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